Hey Guys,
my name is Way 34yo and here is my cv

About Me

Having more than 12 years of experience in the industry, and a strong educational background featuring a degree in Computer Science, I strongly believe I can make a significant contribution to your project. I've strong background in .NET (Web/Desktop/API Application) and PHP (Pure PHP and Laravel) programming and modern web development with Ruby-on-Rails, AngularJS and JavaScript Framework.

As a web developer I have solid HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 skills and expertise in full-stack web development from back-end server application or API application to front-end user interface using JavaScript and modern UI framework such as AngularJS and Bootstrap including jQuery and css preprocessors.

I also have solid AngularJS, Angular 2, Laravel, NodeJS, RefineryCMS, Wordpress CMS, Ionic, Ionic2, PhoneGap skills, ReactJS, Meteor, Hybrid App and .NET platforms.


  • 1983

    I was born in Khon Kaen

    A warm city in north eastern region of Thailand. I was born at 5th of January.

  • 2004

    Graduated bachelor degree in Computer Science

    Here I found myself that I can be anything I want. Why coding is fun and learnt how to deliver my idea to the world.


Founded in 2017, BlueSeas Enterprise is part of Winserve Group. Focusing on develop software business to service Thai Government Organizations with modern technology approach.

Also have role as lead development, project management and consulting sale team to understand how software development work.

- Communicate directly to customer for development status report or get more requirement info.
- Work and report directly to CEO
- Consult services to some Thai government organisation with sale team.
- Project cost estimation. Comply spec or TOR. Also contact dealer and some partners
- Managing in-house development team and outsource team to develop software with Agile method.

2013 - 2017

Mainly front-end application both web and mobile, develop backend API and responsive website using Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MeteorJS, ReactJS, ReactNative, AngularJS, Javascript, Ionic Framework, HTML5 and CSS3. lso approach all tasks by TDD process and use Scrum development.

Also have role as selling service to local clients, mainly government project.

- Communicate directly to customer for development status report or get more requirement info.
- Work and report directly to project manager
- Selling services to some Thai government organisation through a partner.
- Project cost estimation. Comply spec or TOR. Also contact dealer and some partners
- Daily using of Git flow, Pivotal Tracker, trello, basecamp, Slack

Example products:

see more description
2015 - present

Design, develop and manage development of FinFat App, CleanCar app, GinNii App and many websites.
- FinFat is the personal wealth management application. Using AngularJS, MongoDB and MeteorJS are main technology for develop the core App.
Also use Rails + React Native to create food delivery application.
Being a project manager and lead a team of 3 developers to developer CleanCar application.
First Thailand car cleaning platform startup, which supported by National Institute Agency.

Example products:

see more description
Senior Developer

- Designed and developed Payment Gateway WCF to connect Third Party payment service eg., PayPal, GlobalCollect, WorldPay.
- Improved internal travel operation support system.

Senior Software Engineer

Work as a .NET software engineer :

- Migrate lists data in Space Eikon project from SharePoint 2007 to new Space Eikon Next Gen.
- Add features to Space Eikon Next Gen.
- Add features to new Thomson Reuters Insider.
- Solve problem issue.
- Use Agile development method and have to attend daily scrum.
- Provide Unit Test using NUnit and NCover and VS2010 Unit Test.
- Use Test Driven Development for new Insider project.

.NET Programmer Analyst

Work as a .NET Programmer Analyst for DTAC. My duties were:

- Create an EXE program to call SQL Server DTS Job and monitor(.NET 2.0).
- Create, Edit, Manage DTS Jobs and alert administrator by email.
-Create refill system summary, daily and monthly reports using ASP.NET VB.Net , SQL Server 2005, store-procedure.
- Here is my project posted in codeplex.com http://dtsrunner.codeplex.com/

.NET Developer

Innovated a back office email and member system. I used a lot of Web and Web Service Technology. Learning high availability and scalability.
I have experience in SDLC using sharepoint and servicedesk system with a lot of team coordinator.
I use MySql, MS-SQL, Tokyo Tyrant, Cassandra, PHP, C#.Net here.

.NET Developer

Responsibilities: TerapiX is an online medical consulting. PULS is ERP for Mobile Refrigeration System.
Achievement: A lot of experience in web programming, Windows form programming, Ajax and Web Service using C#.NET 2008.

.NET Developer

Responsibilities: MPS Transfer Manager. An socket server to handle a lot of real-time file transfer connections.
Achievement: A lot of experience in network programming field and C/C++ Programming and big project teamwork

.NET Developer

Teaching - Java Programming, Data Structure, OS Usage, Program Package, Data Communications and Networking


Ruby on Rails
AngularJS + Ionic
PHP + Laravel
ReactJS + ReactNative
Project Management
Technical Sale




Ultra Marathon
Reading & Learning

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    GitHub Projects

    Laravel 4 Boilerplate with downgrade for PHP5.3.x support
    Attachment upload package for Laravel 4 support PHP5.3.x .
    Friendly url for your Eloquent models in Laravel 4 with PHP5.3.x and Thai character support.
    Colorize grayscale webpage that use css filter: grayscale technique.